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Review Policy

Hello I decided to make this blog because I read all of the time and I wanted to share my opinions with other people. I would love to review a book for you with a few limitations.

  • I will only review YA and MG but if a book is a good crossover I might try it.
  • I will review e-books but the time between receiving the book and reviewing the book may be longer than with a physical book.
  • I will review audiobooks as long as it fits the criteria of physical copies.
  • If I do not like a book I will be honest, but I will try to only accept books that I think I will like. 
  • I will not accept non-fiction.
  • I will not review self published novels unless I have worked with the author/publicist before.
When you send me a request please let me know in what time frame you would like to have the review posted so I can make sure I have time for it.
Also if there is anything else I can do for you that will help you promote your book let me know and I will see if it is possible. If you are interested or have any questions please e-mail me at a_readers_adventure[at]yahoo[dot]com Thanks!