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August 2, 2015

Summer Blogger Promo Tour Week 5: Ri from Hiver et Cafe

Today I have the pleasure of having Ri from Hiver et Cafe as part of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour to talk about some of her favorite crime shows!

Hi everyone! I'm Ri from Hiver et Cafe, where I blog about books, places I go and other things like that!

Today on Mariah's blog, I'm going to be sharing about some of my favourite crime shows and also talk about books that I also enjoy that go along with these shows.

WHITE COLLAR is one of those shows that I absolutely adore. It's about Neal Caffrey, a professional con artist who strikes a deal with an FBI agent to be let into their custody and help them solve cases. There's just something about con artist characters that I love. They're charming and intelligent and use their wits to commit their crimes. Neal Caffrey, played by Matt Bomer, is always wearing tailored suits and he's quite easy on the eyes. ;)

The book that I think that matches up well with this show is the HEIST SOCIETY series by Ally Carter. Although there isn't a charming con man in this novel, it is about a family that is well known for their heists from museums and the like. There is a swoony love interest as well though!

Another crime show that I love is CRIMINAL MINDS. I mean, who doesn't love Criminal Minds? It's pretty much a procedural, but it's still very dramatic and exciting. My favourite character in the show is Dr. Spencer Reid, a young genius on the team who can read super fast and he's just adorably awkward.

Instead of a book that relates to the show, I'm choosing a book that sort of relates to Spencer Reid. In one episode, he was given a copy of an Arthur Conan Doyle novel, which made me think of the fantastic YA Sherlock Holmes novel, EVERY BREATH by Ellie Marney! I adore the books in that series and Holmes is definitely kinda swoony. ;)

Another show that I adore is PERSON OF INTEREST. It starts out as a crime procedural, which I love, but then it became a lot about the ethics of artificial intelligence and a whole lot darker. It's SO GREAT. Y'all should really watch it. It's really long since there are several seasons of it already, but it's truly truly worth it.

A book that I'm pairing with this show is PARTIALS by Dan Wells. It's a novel that deals with the aftermath of artificial intelligence and it was a fun novel to read. It's more of a post apocalyptic novel than anything, but it still deals with artificial intelligence and a little bit of the ethics involved though not as deeply as something like Person of Interest.

Thank you so much to Mariah for having me on her blog!

Thanks for coming Ri! I love crime shows so I'm excited to try some of them out!

Here is some more about Ri!

My name is Sabrina, but I go by Ri.

I'm a Canadian teenager who is still studying her butt off in school. I enter my first year of University this year and I couldn't be more nervous. Due to my state of being a student, I try and make time to read as much as I can in between classes and homework and such things.

I've been a heavy reader since I was a child and like my obsessions, books had faded into the background of my life for some time. I was reading, just not as heavily. However, with the discovery of book blogs, I was instantly hooked and created this blog, Hiver et Café in January of 2014. The blog is named after two great loves in my life: Winter and Coffee.

So clearly, two things that I'm interested in are coffee and the winter time. Some other things that I love are crime shows (I have an unhealthy obsession), nail polish, Kpop, makeup, travelling (any chance I have to travel, I'll gladly take it), manga, Disney, graphic design and photography. There are probably other things too, but I am out of ideas at the moment.


Hi! I love getting comments, I will try to answer all of them time willing!