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August 8, 2015

School for Sidekicks review and giveaway!

Title: School for Sidekicks
Author: Kelly McCullough
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends
Release Date: August 4, 2015
Received From: Publisher as part of a book tour. Does not effect my review.

Synopsis: Being a hero isn't always what it's cracked up to be in this funny and genuine novel from adult fantasy author Kelly McCullough.
Evan Quick is a GIANT superhero geek who dreams of one day becoming a superhero himself. Every morning he checks to see if he's developed his powers overnight, and every day there's nothing. No flying, no super strength, no invulnerability—that always hurts to check—no telepathy, no magic. Not even the ability to turn off the alarm clock without smacking the switch.
But then Evan somehow manages to survive a supervillian's death ray, and is sent to the Academy for Metahuman Operatives. Unfortunately, his new school is not what he expected, and instead of fighting bad guys, Evan finds himself blacklisted, and on the wrong side of the school's director. If Evan ever wants to realize his dream, he must convince his "mentor" Foxman, a semi-retired has-been, to become a real hero once again.

 Review: Do you remember the movie Sky High? Well if you haven't seen it I recommnd it. But if you liked that movie I think you will enjoy School for Sidekicks.

This is a fun book where a kid who adores superheroes actually beocmes one, and it is nothing like he would have imagined. Evan was funny and you could tell he really wanted to do the right thing. Also I liked the friends he made while at AMO.

The mythology of the superpowers in this book was very interesting. I liekd getting to understand it better and digging deeper into what was going on. I do think that the back of the book gives a little too much away though.

Overall I liked this book, it was fun, fast paced and interesting. If you are a fan of superhero stories then I think this is a book for you!

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  1. The School for Sidekicks is hilarious, well-thought out and written with zest and wit. Kelly McCullough has not only written a great book analyzing just what it means to be a superhero and sidekick in the modern world, but the various ramifications that come along with those responsibilities.

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  2. This is a charming and very funny book. Though it is intended for a young adult audience, I loved it and laughed out loud through the whole book.

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