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November 14, 2013

Romance Review: Wicked in Your Arms: Forgotten Princesses #1 by Sophie Jordan

9519719Title: Wicked in Your Arms: Forgotten Princesses
Author: Sophie Jordan
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: July 26, 2011
Received From: Library

Synopsis: One of the most notoriously eligible bachelors in Europe is finally ready to marry . . .

For fiercely independent Grier Hadley, being the illegitimate daughter of one of London's most unsavory characters has only one advantage: an enormous, ill-gotten dowry.

Prince Sevastian Maksimi knows where his duty lies: he must find a well-bred young lady—one with a considerable fortune to her name—wed her promptly, and get to the business of producing an heir.

The last thing Grier needs is some unattainable prince curling her toes with his smoldering glances and wicked suggestions. As far as Sev is concerned, she lacks the breeding to become a princess. And yet one kiss from this arresting female is all it takes for him to realize that anyone else in his arms would be unthinkable . . .
Wicked in Your Arms was the first of Sophie Jordan's adult books I had read. I had read her Firelight (YA) series and really enjoyed it so I decided to give her historical romances a try. I am so glad I did I loved this book and Grier was a fabulous heroine.

I read this book in ebook format and I am glad I did. There were so many passages that I highlighted because they were fantastic and hilarious. Also because I wanted to choose one to share with you so you could get a peek into the banter between Grier and Savastian. I think this passage will convince you to read this book much more than anything I could say.

 "Not that it's any of your concern, but I'm eight and twenty."
He blinked. "You're a bit long in the tooth, aren't you?"
She gasped. "For what? Being alive?"
"For being yet unclaimed."
"Unclaimed? As in unclaimed by a man?"
He nodded once.
"A little archaic, aren't you? I've been busy... haven't gotten around to a man... claiming me yet."
"I see," he murmured, either missing her sarcasm or deliberately ignoring it.
Propping her hands on her hips, she demanded, "And how old are you?"
"It doesn't matter how old I am. I'm a man."
"No, you're a jackass!" she retorted. (58)
 Isn't that dialogue awesome? You want to know what happens next don't you? Wicked in Your Arms is chock full of dialogue just like that. As well as stolen kisses and political intrigue.

One of the main reasons I liked this book so much, besides the dialogue, is Grier herself. She has all these secrets that the reader and Sevastian both have to figure out. She is strong willed and independent and very different from many typical historical romance heroines. Also Sev is sexy.

I think anyone who is a fan of historical romance or who wants to get into reading historical romance should definitely pick up Wicked in Your Arms. It is a real treat!


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