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August 30, 2013

Life After Theft by Aprilynne Pike Review

Title: Life After Theft
Author: Aprilynne Pike
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: April 30, 2013
Received From: Bought
Synopsis: Aprilynne Pike, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Wings series, shines in this stand-alone novel that offers a humorous twist on ghosts and is perfect for fans of Ally Carter, Rachel Hawkins, and Kiersten White.
Kimberlee Schaffer may be drop-dead gorgeous . . . but she also dropped dead last year. Now she needs Jeff's help with her unfinished business, and she's not taking no for an answer. When she was alive, Kimberlee wasn't just a mean girl; she was also a complete kleptomaniac. So if Jeff wants to avoid being haunted until graduation, he'll have to help her return all of the stolen items. But Jeff soon discovers that it's much easier to steal something than it is to bring it back.
Paying for your mistakes takes on a whole new meaning in this hauntingly clever twist on The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Review: This was a very interesting book. As a whole I don't read very many books with male main characters. Not because I don't like them or think they are somehow lesser; I just connect better with female main characters.
That being said when I see a book with a very interesting premise I am going to pick it up regardless.  That is what happened with Life After Theft.

Life After Theft is a fun take on the classic klepto story. This is because the aforementioned klepto just so happens to be dead. And so our main character Jeff has to return all of Kimberlee's stolen goods so she can hopefully move on and leave him in peace.

There are quite a few bumps and bruises that Jeff experiences while returning the stuff. Including but not limited to being arrested. 

But even though this is a fun and sometimes harrowing story about returning stolen goods and actually feeling bad for taking the stuff. It is mostly a story about forgiving when someone messes up, as well as not holding someone's past against them.

Life After Theft has amazing character development. All of the major characters grew leaps and bounds and became completely different in a believable way.

I enjoyed the book, it was fun and different and I enjoyed how the romance was incorporated.  That being said I found a little of the pacing a little off. But besides that I really enjoyed it.


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