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March 12, 2013

Strands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson Review

Title: Strands of Bronze and Gold 
Author: Jane Nickerson 
Publisher: Random House  
Release Date: March 12, 2013
Received: From Netgalley
Summary:  The Bluebeard fairy tale retold. . . .

When seventeen-year-old Sophia Petheram’s beloved father dies, she receives an unexpected letter. An invitation—on fine ivory paper, in bold black handwriting—from the mysterious Monsieur Bernard de Cressac, her godfather. With no money and fewer options, Sophie accepts, leaving her humble childhood home for the astonishingly lavish Wyndriven Abbey, in the heart of Mississippi.

Sophie has always longed for a comfortable life, and she finds herself both attracted to and shocked by the charm and easy manners of her overgenerous guardian. But as she begins to piece together the mystery of his past, it’s as if, thread by thread, a silken net is tightening around her. And as she gathers stories and catches whispers of his former wives—all with hair as red as her own—in the forgotten corners of the abbey, Sophie knows she’s trapped in the passion and danger of de Cressac’s intoxicating world.

Glowing strands of romance, mystery, and suspense are woven into this breathtaking debut—a thrilling retelling of the “Bluebeard” fairy tale

 Review:  I love historical novels so when I heard that Strands of Bronze and Gold was both a historical novel and a retelling I knew I had to read it!

I had never read the story of Bluebeard before reading this book so when I started reading it all I knew was that Bernard was creepy as all get out. I could see how Sophia could find him alluring but I was screaming at her to get away from the first couple chapters.

I think the pre-civil war setting really fit the story. It made Bernard's actions not seem so erratic and more normal for that time. I also adored all the detail that was in the descriptions of the abbey and the grounds. It made me feel as if I was there, which honestly was not always a good thing.

In the beginning I found Sophia to be very vain and silly, but as the novel progressed I came to understand her better and even to admire her for what she had to go through. I also really liked how she felt the needs of others even before her own. I think that showed a lot of growth and courage to do what she did.

I am happy with how the story ended though I am unsure how there would be more books. I will definitely be picking them up though!

Strands of Bronze and Gold is a must read for fans of the classic Bluebeard story and those who like a little creepy with their historical novels.


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