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November 29, 2012

Why I love YA

There are many reasons why I love YA. 

Contrary to what many may believe there are amazing books that fall under the YA category. Some of the best books I have ever read are YA and I think many people miss out on them because they are YA. 

YA books as a whole are awesome. They tell such great stories that draw you in and never let you go. The characters are so relate able and make you fall in love with them with every book you read.

All of the YA authors I have met are so nice, and they are so funny and awesome. It is great to have a chance to chat with them on twitter. I think that YA would not be as great if the authors weren't so great.

The blogging community is great (most of the time). I have met so many people who love YA just as much as me through blogging and I would never trade that. 

Basically I love YA and I wish everyone would give it a shot, so they could experience the wonderfulness that it is!

If you want to share why you love YA and have a chance to win lots of books check out Beth Revis' contest (another awesome YA author)


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