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August 10, 2012

Milestones: Return to Camp; Interview with S.A. Hodges

Today I have with me S.A. Hodges to tell us about the second book in the Milestones series Milestones: Return to Camp!
Tell us a bit about the series and where you left it with book 1?
In a nutshell.....Milestones (book 1) is about a teenage girl named Faye Martin, who gets hit by lightning. Her life then changes drastically. She then attends a summer camp where she meets wonderful friends but discovers they have all been hit by lightning too. They all soon realize that their meeting is no coincidence, and they spend their summer trying to unravel the mystery of their connection. The first book finishes after Faye discovers the BIG camp secret and heads back home to start her school year and hopefully, hook up with her longtime crush Benjamin Parker.
The second book, Milestones: return to camp, picks up after Faye goes back to camp the following summer. She's bummed to find out Benji now has a girlfriend, and goes through yet another near-death experience. The campers bond over the discovery that there are many more secrets for them to uncover and they spend the summer investing their purpose in the world. Also, the evil characters finally surface and there's a big plot twist at the end!

Has the main character evolved?
I would say yes! She is still quite immature but has learned a lot from all the experiences she has gained over the last year. Almost dying kind of forces a person to grow up a little. She not only looks different, but she thinks differently as well. Despite her best intentions, however, her feelings for Benji have not evolved...

Did Faye and Benji stay together?
Not....... really. But there's more to it than that. You gotta read to find out!

How long did it take you to write the sequel, there are three years between books will it be another three before book 3?
It took me 3 years to write the sequel. But from start to finish, probably six months total. The thing is, I was in this silly thing called Residency between the first and second book. I was training to be a Pediatrician and I worked an average of 80 hours a week. So it didn't leave too much time for writing. Thankfully, that's done and over with and I now have a more "normal" life. So the next book will be released in less than a year.

Who is you favorite character of this book?
It's always been Melaine. Please note, her name is not Me-la-NIE but rather Mel-aine. There is so much more to her that meets the eye and her character is about to get much more complex. But she definitely has the best heart, best morals and best intentions of all.

What would you like to tell your audience?
I give away free YA books on my blog monthly! I think reading is so important and after I'm done reading books, I always give them away on my blog. So come and enter my contests and win a book (or two, or twenty). Plus, I think my blog is pretty funny sometimes, so that's a plus.
Also, I love getting mail (email, snail mail, any kind of mail) so send me questions/thoughts/inspirations and I always try to write back.
Sounds good right?
To buy it click here
If you haven't read the first book and want more info here is my review and here is my interview with Samira about the first book.
And be sure to look out for my review of Milestones: Return to Camp and a giveaway of the first book coming soon!


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