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December 31, 2011

Kick A** Saturday #4 Anna


Kick A** Saturday is where I spotlight a YA character that is kick ass. Now they could be kick ass for a number of reasons not just because they kick butt and take names but they could be kick ass because they are just strong independent characters. (Warning there may be slight spoilers but I will try not to spoil anything significant.)

Today my spotlight is on Anna from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

Now Anna is not like the other Kick A** characters I have posted about before. She is not kick a** in the traditional sense but she is kick a** in a more approachable/real way.

image1. She goes all the way to Paris to go to school. I recently went to college about 2000 miles away from my family and I cannot imagine going all the way to another country for that long.

2. She eventually gets up the nerve to go out and experience Paris for herself. Which in my opinion would be really, really hard to do.

3. She attempts to not show her feelings for a boy because he has a girlfriend. Which is REALLY hard to do.

4. She really cares about her little brother. And he is one of her concerns when she is being sent to Paris.

So Anna isn’t the typical kick a** character. But she is a type of kick a** character that I could actually aspire to be like. As opposed to the other kind.

If you haven’t read Anna and the French Kiss you NEED too! Read it for Anna, Paris, and Etienne!

If you think Anna is the most kick a** then make sure to vote for her in the poll that is going up today. Don’t forget you have until January 6th at Midnight EST to vote!



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