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December 24, 2011

Kick A** Saturday #3 Sophie Mercer

Kick A** Saturday is where I spotlight a YA character that is kick ass. Now they could be kick ass for a number of reasons not just because they kick butt and take names but imagethey could be kick ass because they are just strong independent characters. (Warning there may be slight spoilers but I will try not to spoil anything significant.)

Today my spotlight is on Sophie Mercer from the Hex Hall series (Hex Hall, Demonglass, Spell Bound (coming in March)) by Rachel Hawkins

Since Spell Bound has not come out yet, and Demonglass contains major spoilers I will be focusing on Hex Hall.image

Reasons why Sophie is Kick A**:
1. She is a witch. Witches for the most part are kick a**. I mean look at all they can do! And Sophie is a VERY powerful witch which makes her just that much 
more amazing!

2. She is snarky. I’m sorry but one thing that comes to mind first when I think of kick a** characters is snarkyness. I mean really, who wants a meek, prim, and sweet all the time heroine? Not me that’s for sure!
3. She is powerful/kick a** enough to have a secret society that is bent on killing all magical creatures take a special notice of her! I’m sure she would rather they didn’t but I think that gives her major points!

There are plenty more reasons that Sophie is kick a** but some of them are pretty spoilery. But if you haven't read Hex Hall and Demonglass, what are you waiting for?! Pick them up and experience this kick a** heroine for yourself. As well as preparing you for the March release of Spell Bound!

If you think Sophie is the most kick a** character of December don’t forget to vote for her next week in the poll!


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