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December 10, 2011

Kick A** Saturday #2 Ai Ling


Kick A** Saturday is where I spotlight a YA character that is kick ass. Now they could be kick ass for a number of reasons not just because they kick butt and take names but they could be kick ass because they are just strong independent characters. (Warning there may be slight spoilers but I will try not to spoil anything significant.)

Today my pick is Ai Ling from Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon.

Now I know there is a second book called Fury of the Phoenix but I have not read it so this post will only talk about Ai Ling from the first book.

imageFirst of all you need to read this book, it is amazing! My review of it is here.

Warning I have not read this book since 2009 so my examples will not be as specific as last time, but if you have read it recently and think she is the most kick-ass, talk her up some more in the comments!



1.Even though Ai Ling is traveling with two men she NEVER expects them to fight her battles for her.

2. She doesn’t think she’s all that. It’s really annoying to me when characters who have imagesome gift or power start to think they are special and start to act entitled. Ai Ling never acts like that.

3. Ai Ling has flaws and knows it. As I said above she doesn’t think that she is perfect and all wonderful, she doubts herself and that makes her a more believable character.

4. No matter what was thrown at her she never gave up. She kept on pushing till the end of her journey. I personally think this would be really hard and so I commend her for it.

5. She is not always a bold person, at times she is timid. While that might not seem so kick-ass, I think it is important for a character to be able to be quiet and shy as well as strong and bold.

So those are some reasons why I think Ai Ling of Silver Phoenix is kick-ass. If you agree don’t forget to vote for her at the end of the month!

(On an unrelated note, I HATE the cover redesign (2nd cover) what do you think?)



  1. So nice to see Cindy's book featured! I loved reading this series.


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