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December 3, 2011

Kick A** Saturday #1: Fire


Kick A** Saturday is where I spotlight a YA character that is kick ass. Now they could imagebe kick ass for a number of reasons not just because they kick butt and take names but they could be kick ass because they are just strong independent characters. (Warning there may be slight spoilers but I will try not to spoil anything significant.)

My first pick is Fire from Fire by Kristen Cashore.

Fire is a kick ass character for a number of reasons.

  • She is responsible; Fire makes a choice not to have children because she doesn’t want to accidentally create another Cansrel. Even though she really wants children and really struggles with this choice throughout the book, she is resolute about not bringing another human monster into the world.
  • She is brave; near the beginning of the book she risks her life to save the Fifth as well as the king and the commander. And even though she knows that Archer would be furious she feels the need to prove to Brigan that she is NOT her father. There are other times where she is brave (the Januaryimage Ball) but I feel that this is the best example.
  • Her power; As a human monster Fire has so much power at her disposal, but she has to make a conscious decision not to be like her father. But when the kingdom needs her help she is willing to use her power (to an extent) to help the kingdom.
  • Her power and people; Another thing about her power is that she draws people to her. Sometimes she inspires love and devotion and sometimes she inspires hatred. Unlike Cansrel she doesn’t bask in this ability and she tries to make herself as unattractive as possible in order to try and stifle these feelings. There are also quite a few people who a prejudiced against her because of her father but, she learns to grow beyond that and prove that she is her own person.

These are just some reasons why Fire is Kick Ass. There are more reasons but you will just have to read Fire to find them out. You should also read it for Brigan but that’s just my opinion Smile.

(If you think Fire is the most kick ass character that I’ve featured this month make sure to vote for her in my end of the month poll; all the winners of each month will be eligible for the Kick Ass character of the year poll which will be posted next December.)



  1. Oh wow, look at those pretty covers! Love your monthly poll idea too. Clever!


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