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September 6, 2011

First day

So today I start a new chapter in my life. Today is my first day of college!

imageI am really excited but I am also really nervous, I’ve moved all the way from San Antonio, TX to Boston, MA. I’ve never lived away from my family before and so I am worried about that, but I think I will be able to do it.

Another thing I’m apprehensive about will effect this blog. I am going to be majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Pre-Med. The course load will be really tough but I think I can do it. I will try my hardest to keep my blog up, I have many posts already scheduled and since I love reading I think that maintain this blog will be a way for me to de-stress and to keep a sense of normalimagecy in my life. I cannot promise that my posts will be as consistent as they have been this last month but I am going to really try!

Thanks to all of my followers! While I write my blog for me, knowing that there are other people who want to know what I have to say makes me want to improve myself even more so thanks!

I also want to thank those of you who filled out my survey, you guys gave a lot of great input and as you can see I put lots of it into practice already. So thanks!

Do you guys have any first day stories or any advice for me? If you do please leave a comment! I would really appreciate it!




  1. Ohhh you'll LOVE Boston ! :) I live just outside off Boston, but every time I visit I fall in love with the city all over again. I hope you have an amazing first day & an amazing stay in Beantown ;)

  2. I'm just starting my last year of college. I had a fair share of nervous breakdowns, but now I'm sad that it's all coming to an end, mostly because of the many amazing people I met. Luckily, I moved only around 70 miles away from home. I hope you enjoyed your first days!
    And don't worry too much about sporadic posting, we'll all be here :)

  3. Thanks guys! I love it so far and cannot wait to get a whole bunch of new experiences.


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