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August 2, 2011

Monster Review-a-Thon


Ok, so I hate to admit it but I am super behind on writing reviews and I would love to have some that I could post at a moments notice so when I heard about this Review-a-Thon I knew I should participate.

Basically you review as many books as you can within that one week period. They will also be having mini-challenges and prizes so to find out more click on the picture above. (You can also participate if you don’t have a blog)

I think I will be able to review about 20 but I hope to be able to do more than that.



  1. I'm really behind on reviews as well. This review-a-thon is the perfect opportunity to get caught up. Good luck and I hope you can complete as many of those 20 reviews as possible :)

  2. wow, 20? That might catch me up but I don't think I could do it. Good luck to you, I'll be back


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