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July 15, 2011

Stealing Bases Tweets

imageToday I have with me some of the characters from Stealing Bases by Keri Mikulski and some of their tweets!

Twitter Pages:

Kylie - @kyliefastpitch15
Missy - @missybananafad
Taylor - @taylorbball
Amber - @softballrocksmytiedyedsocks
Zach - @murphistheman

Missy – Making big plans for #bananafad.

Kylie – *sigh* #holedupinmyroomandbored

Zach - @kyliefastpitch15 Want to play some one-on-one?

Missy – Check out the latest designs on #bananafad’s new website. www.bananafad.com

Kylie - @murphistheman #notuntilhellfreezesover

Kylie - @murphistheman Is that your only line? #lame

Taylor – RT @missybananafad Check out the latest designs on #bananafad’s new website. www.bananafad.com

Zach - @kyliefastpitch15 U know you want me.

Missy - @kyliefastpitch15 R u & @murphistheman together AGAIN? #pleaseno

Kylie - @missybananafad #hellno #never

Kylie - @murphistheman #inyourdreams

Amber - @missybananafad @kyliefastpitch15 @taylorbball I just joined Twitter!!!! Yay!!! This is my first official tweet!!! J J J

Kylie - @softballrocksmytiedyedsocks Hey, Amber.

Missy - @softballrocksmytiedyedsocks Longest Twitter name ever!! Awesome!! J #exclamationpointoveruseisirritating 

Amber - @missybananafad Thanks! J

Zach – @softballrocksmytiedyedsocks. Ur hot.

Kylie – DM @murphistheman - Amber. Seriously?

Zach – DM @kyliefastpitch15 - No one is as cute as you.

Taylor - @softballrocksmytiedyedsocks Welcome to Twitter, Amber! So glad you signed up.

Amber - @taylorbball Thanks!! And thanks for your help setting up my account. J

Zach – @taylorbball Whaz up?

Kylie – DM @murphistheman - If you’re trying to piss me off, it’s not working.

Zach – DM @kyliefastpitch15 – You look hot on your bed typing furiously. Want me to join u? 

Kylie – DM @murphistheman – STOP looking in my window, STALKER.

Zach – DM @kyliefastpitch15 – Not consider stalking if you live in my backyard.

Taylor - @kyliefaspitch15 How’s softball?

Kylie logs off.

Missy - @taylorbball Where’s Hannah?

Taylor - @missybananafad Home

Missy logs off.

Zach - @taylorbball @softballrocksmytiedyedsocks Wanna come over?  

Taylor and Amber log off. 

Zach – Shooting hoops in my backyard. Who’s up for a little one-on-one?

They sound like a cool group!

Check out my review coming soon!



  1. Thanks so much, Mariah! I enjoyed creating the tweets. Happy Friday!


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