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June 20, 2011

Teenage Garage Sale with Kristen Tracy!

imageToday I have with me Kristen Tracy; author of Sharks and Boys talking about what she would have at a garage sale from her childhood! 

If you were to have a garage sale of my teenage years you would find a bunch of VHS tapes from TV shows that I didn’t want to miss. Or that I wanted to watch over and over. I suspect that ALF would appear frequently and consistently. Also, lots of Johnny Carson monologues. Moving on. My parakeet died when I was a teenager. So I would probably sell off all my parakeet paraphernalia. (My grandmother accidentally killed my parakeet by burning something in a Teflon pan. My mother told me that I was not allowed to tell my grandma that she killed my parakeet. So I never did.) What else? Ooh. I’d sell glass candy as a food item at my garage sale. I ran a glass candy business in 6th grade and made a ton of money until my principal pulled me aside and told me that I had to stop selling glass candy to my classmates. What else? I should have sold off some of my dollhouse items. But I really liked my dollhouse. It was seven feet tall and had multiple levels and electricity. So maybe I would have kept all that. I never outgrew my dollhouse. Ooh. Also, at the last minute, I would add all my belts that I never wore to this garage sale.

Thanks Kristen! The glass candy idea is really cool!

Be sure to check out Sharks and Boys when it comes out June 28! as well as my review of it coming soon!




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