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May 13, 2011

Dreamwalk author interview

Today I have the author of Dreamwalk to answer some questions!

Where did you get your inspiration for Dreamwalk?*

I got the inspiration for Dreamwalk from a number of places, to be honest.
It was sort of the culmination of a lot of factors, the first being my own
experience with hypnogogic hallucinations. It started from idly wishing I
had a time machine one day, because I would have loved to have seen the
Beatles playing in the Cavern Club and it occurred to me that if I learned
how to use lucid dreaming, I’d sort of be able to do just that. I’ve always
been fascinated with the concept of non-linear time, anyway, and the concept
of how perception can be manipulated to alter reality.

*What has been your favorite part of getting your book into the hands of
other people?*

Well, of course I like it when a reader really enjoys the book. Getting
positive feedback is a real joy, especially insightful feedback that shows
that they’ve really thought about what you’ve written. I can’t speak for
other authors, but I do take time to make sure that every word counts. I
also write to thematic plots, and it’s important to me that those themes are
perceived. I’m delighted when they are and when those themes have found
their way into the readers feedback.

*If you could live in one fictional world what would it be?*

Oh, that one’s easy – Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. No question. I’m not sure
if I’d want to be a Ram Tops witch or a seedy denizen of Ankh-Morpork. Maybe
a bit of both.

*What inspired you to become a writer?*

Classic science fiction and fantasy authors. I ate them for breakfast, lunch
and dinner when I was a kid. Particularly Heinlein, who was the first author
I ran into that explored philosophy and ideology through plot and character.
I’ve always had some very definite opinions about the shape of reality and
found I could talk about those ideas through fiction.

*What's your favorite/oddest writing ritual? *

I don’t really have a favorite ritual – I have THE ritual – which is the
only one that works. I have to have a fan going, listen to music, drink
coffee and be wearing flip-flops.


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