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February 4, 2011

CSN Reviews



So CSN Stores invited me to review some of their merchandise. I was thrilled to participate once again! Through two separate promotions I received this bookshelf:newer 029newer 030





It was really easy to put together except for the top piece. It was harder to put together than the rest of the bookshelf put together. I really like this bookshelf because it holds quite a few books. The service from CSN was great and I received this way before the suggested date.

And I also chose this blanket which was super warm and soft. It was a great thing to have during this cold snap!

Finally I got an organizational wall mount which I have been using for blog related things. It is really sturdy and as of right now is holding 3 hardcover books as well as some packets, while still connected to the wall.

Overall I was super impressed with the craftsmanship and service provided by CSN stores. Make sure you check it out!



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