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January 7, 2011

Bonnie Doerr Tens List



    Today I have with me Bonnie Doerr the author of Island Sting! These are her top ten best author experiences so far….

    Top Ten Best Author Experiences

    10. Opportunities to connect with real life environmental heroes during research.

    9. Schmoozing with NY Times best-selling mystery/suspense author Erica Spindler.

    8. Sitting on a panel with NY Times best-selling mystery author John Hart.

    7. Talking with crime novelist Jeffrey Deaver about his work and listening to him talk about writing the next James Bond novel.

    6. Meeting and celebrating with fellow YA authors at events.image

    (Are you sensing a theme here? I’d never thought about an author having unique opportunities to meet and learn from amazingly gifted people. I’m so grateful for these experiences.)

    5. Seeing my title on a bookstore shelf next to books by my idol, Carl Hiaasen.

      4. Discovering online comments by readers who not only enjoyed my stories, but also appreciated learning something new while they read.

      3.  Speaking at conferences and interacting with readers and writers at book festivals sponsored by SCBWI, teacher organizations, libraries, and other associations.

      2.  Receiving mail from readers.

      Ta Da! Number one:

      Best of all is discussing writing and reading with kids who love books.

    Thanks Bonnie!



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