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September 12, 2010

I Now Pronounce You Someone Else

Title:  I Now Pronounce You Someone Else
Author:  Erin McCahan
Publisher:  Arthur A. Levine Books
Release Date:  June 1, 2010
Received From:  ATWT and Publisher in return for an honest review
Here Comes the Bride -- If She Can Pass Chemistry.
Eighteen-year-old Bronwen Oliver has a secret: She's really Phoebe, the lost daughter of the loving Lilywhite family. That's the only way to explain her image-obsessed mother; a kind but distant stepfather; and a brother with a small personality complex. Bronwen knows she must have been switched at birth, and she can't wait to get away from her "family" for good. Then she meets Jared Sondervan. He's sweet, funny, everything she wants -- and he has the family Bronwen has always wanted too. She falls head over heels in love, and when he proposes marriage, she joyfully accepts. But is Jared truly what she needs? And if he's not, she has to ask: What would Phoebe Lilywhite do?
I first read I Now Pronounce You Someone Else a couple months ago and I loved it. But I was not entirely sure why so I put off writing my review, but when I got the chance to read it again for a blog tour I jumped at the chance!

I read this book in one day! The plot flowed beautifully and the characters were hilarious! I loved Bronwen because she is very similar to how I see myself. Bronwen and Jared grew a lot in this book which I really appreciated, it was nice to see characters grow in realistic ways and not because some bad guy or thing was coming to get them. It was very refreshing. The characters in this book are very believable because they have real personalities and real problems that many of us deal with ourselves.

Bronwen's relationship with Jared was very realistic in my opinion. While many people don't have a relationship that moves that quickly some people do and I think this book is a good reminder to cherish and move slow with your relationships. This book was not only about Bronwen's relationship with Jared but also with her mother, her stepfather, and her brother (who she calls Jesus) I enjoyed reading about a character with a real family dynamic that was not unnaturally shaped.

  • Great family dynamic
  • Good Lesson
  • Good Plot
  • Realistic problems
  • Great Characters
  • Needs another book!!!!!
So I really enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it to girls of all ages!

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  1. Oh sounds like nice, light reading!
    Thanks for the review.

  2. I read this tooo and it was soooo amazing and I agree it really does need a sequel!


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