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August 4, 2010

Oblivion Road

Title:  Oblivion Road
Author: Alex McAulay
Publisher:  MTV
Release Date:  November 13, 2007
Received From:  Other Shelf Tours

Five stranded teenagers must battle for their lives against a group of escaped convicts, and each other, in this shocking survival thriller from the author of Bad Girls and Lost Summer. Courtney Stanton thinks she's on just another ski trip with her friends -- until a horrific car accident strands them all on an isolated Colorado road during a blizzard. Frightened but alive, Courtney and her companions discover an abandoned vehicle nearby, and seek help. But the vehicle turns out to be a prison van, with the inmates missing, and the guard's dead body in the front seat....

This was my first experience with Alex's work but the premise really captivated me. The book sounds scary and it is, but not overly scary, Alex wove a story with rich detail that made me believe I was actually in the cold (even though it was 95 degrees outside.)

I liked the characters, they were different and interesting and I was really rooting for them to escape. But the book was very slow, it took forever for the inmate to even show up at their vehicle, and it took a long time for them to make any decisions. I almost put the book down because it was so slow, but wanting to find out what would happen kept me reading. And even though I figured out the ending there were different twists that I was not expecting.

Boys will also be a fan of this book because it is gory and scary at times, and there is not too much mushiness.
The plot was really cool, but it went very slowly, which really hurt this book, I think if it had been less slow I would have enjoyed it more. But if you are looking for a semi-scary novel to keep you cool this summer and don't mind a slow book pick this one up.


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