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August 6, 2010

Claire de Lune

claire de lune
Torn between two destinies?
Claire is having the perfect sixteenth birthday. Her pool party is a big success, and gorgeous Matthew keeps chatting and flirting with her as if she's the only girl there. But that night, she discovers something that takes away all sense of normalcy: she's a werewolf.
As Claire is initiated into the pack of female werewolves, she must deal not only with her changing identity, but also with a rogue werewolf who is putting everyone she knows in danger. Claire's new life threatens her blossoming romance with Matthew, whose father is leading the werewolf hunt. Now burdened with a dark secret and pushing the boundaries of forbidden love, Claire is struggling to feel comfortable in either skin. With her lupine loyalty at odds with her human heart, she will make a choice that will change her forever?.
I enjoyed this book for a number of reasons. Mostly because it was a nice change from so many other werewolf books that have been coming out in the last few years. Also I had a hard time figuring out who the rogue werewolf was, but I did have my suspicions. I also liked how Matthew dealt with her and her problems. He did not just run away.

Claire was a good protagonist because I really felt like I understood her motivations for doing the things she did. Also she actually felt guilt for the things she did which was refreshing from the protagonists who just do whatever they want not caring who they hurt *cough Bella *cough.

I also enjoyed the mythology of the werewolves in this book, but I wish Christine had gone into it even more than she did. The changing process was cool because it was so non-traditional for a werewolf book.

On the other hand, some of the book was boring and unfocused. And I really did not understand the whole “lets keep our daughter’s identities a secret from themselves bit” it was really weird.
Other than that it was a captivating novel with a good set up for a sequel!
4 ivy2


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