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July 23, 2010

CSN Review!

Recently I was contacted by CSN stores to review one of their products. I chose to review a bookcase. I took a long time deciding what to review because there were so many different things but ultimately I decided on the Nexxt Talma Vertical Bookcase in Black  I chose this bookcase because it was different and I liked the style.

So I ordered the bookcase and was told to expect it by 7/22 but then I received an email saying I was going to receive it earlier than that. But I did not, which was fine because I received it on the day I was originally supposed to get it. 

When it came there was a large orange FRAGILE sticker on the box yet it was torn up. Whether that was the fault of CSN or UPS is unknown. But when I opened the box there was another box inside that was not messed up at all so that was a relief to me.

So my dad and I started to put it together it was relatively easy just basically doing the same thing over and over again. Until we got to the back of the bookshelf where you attach the long black slats (seen in the picture) to the back of the shelf so it is sturdy. The problem was that the holes on the slats did not match up with the holes on the back of the shelf. We double checked to make sure we had done everything correctly and we had. So we ended up just screwing the screws into the wood which was not much harder. But besides that it was not that hard to put together!

Here is the final product! One of the cool things about this bookshelf is that it holds up to 90 lbs so you can put a lot of stuff on it! Another cool thing is that if you fill it full of books it looks like a stack of books!

Thanks to CSN for letting me review this bookshelf! 


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