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October 14, 2009

Traveling to Teens Tour: The Kindling of Greenfyr by Mark Freeman

The Kindling of GreenFyr is the story of Owen McInish, an awkward fourteen-year-old bullied at school and friendless except for his pet cat, Piper. That is until a snow leopard is chased through the woods behind his house by three huge gray dogs with glowing green eyes. Owen saves the leopard from her pursuers, but the animal escapes him as well, only to return later. The cat’s behavior is peculiar, nothing like a wild animal, making Owen even more curious as to its origin. Eventually, the cat allows Owen to pet her. Owen finds himself experiencing friendships as he has never before. Adventures as he has never imagined. And political intrigue as two worlds, long separated, begin to collide.

Wow I had very mixed feelings about this book. First of all it was nothing like I could have ever imagined. I thought it was going to be about a boy who finds a leopard and is taken into a small little world, which it was but the world was not so little as I should have guessed from the length of this book.

The beginning of the book was just what you would have expected but around page 40 the adventure began. I was really surprised by all the detail and all of the characters. This caused the first 130 pages of the book to be random and confusing but most of the characters are important to the plot and the introduction of them is nessesary. 

After abot page 200 the book really got interesting and drew me in, the plot was a lot like the Lord of the Rings but also very different. The story had many twists and turns but even so parts of it were boring and just kept going on, and on. 

Overall this was a good book that started slow but ended strong. Had a good set up for the next book!

Also the cover is pretty but really does not have much to do with the book except the beginning.



  1. Such an interesting premise. . . I would have never thought to write a book about a boy who finds a leapord.

  2. This sounds intriguing, and I really like the cover!

  3. I never heard of this book before, and never ever read a book like this. It does sound very interesting, so thank you for your great review.


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