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August 28, 2009

Cruel Summer by Alyson Noel

Having recently discarded her dorky image—and the best friend that went with it—Colby Cavendish is looking forward to a long hot season of parties, beach BBQ's, and hopefully, more hook-ups with Levi Bonham, the hottest guy in school. But her world comes crashing down when her parents send her away to spend the summer in Greece with her "crazy" aunt Tally. Stranded on a boring island with no malls, no cell phone reception, and an aunt who talks to her plants, Colby finds herself worrying that her new friends have forgotten all about her. But when she meets Yannis, a cute Greek local, everything changes. She experiences something deeper and more intense than a summer fling, and it forces her to see herself, and the life she left behind, in a whole new way...

Alyson Noel writes amazing books! Every book of her's I have read I have been sucked into and did not want to leave. Cruel Summer was no different that characters were well written and very different.
Unfortunately Colby was very whiny and kind of oblivious. but eventually she got over herself and that made the book turn out better. I also liked that it did not have a complete total packaged ending it kind of was like it could be ok but maybe not which is so much more like real life than nice neat endings!

Overall pretty good!

3.5/5 (don't like whiners)

Here is an interview with Alyson Noel about one of her other books!



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