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August 7, 2009

Blood Brother by Malcolm Rose

Forensic Investigator Luke Harding and Malc are assigned to a hospital with a mysteriously high rate of fatalities. Medical accidents, peculiar illnesses, or deliberate killings? Investigating the deaths, Luke meets his long-lost father, working as a doctor there. This is no happy family reunion, though, as Luke’s father’s DNA is found at several of the crime scenes, making him the prime suspect. Can Luke solve the case and clear his father’s name? Have the suspicious deaths got anything to do with Department of Alternative Medicine run by Luke’s father, the Phobia Clinic, or the downright strange Institute of Biomechanical Research? And why is Luke plagued with ferocious headaches?

This is the sixth book in the Traces series by Malcolm Rose. All of these books are amazing and have a lot of drama, action, suspense, and of course mystery.

This one was particularly good because I felt that the plot had more twists and more suspects. one of the things that I really like about the Traces series is that Malcolm Rose puts in many diseases that I have never heard of which makes me want to look them up and find out if they are real.

Luke is a very relate able character in that even though he is a forensic investigator he is still a rebel. Also the fact that he is 16 and has such a high profile job his little idiosyncrasy's make the book so much more enjoyable. Malc his computer partner adds a spice of humor because he is a machine and so he is completely not accustomed to different slang terms.

One of the other good things about this book is the fact that it is good for both girls and boys.

The problem I had with this particular book was that I felt the ending was horrible. It in my opinion was anticlimactic and I will be disappointing if that is the end of the series. But besides that this is a great series for both girls and boys of any age even if this one was more of a disappointment compared to the rest.

(the cover is the US cover but I prefer the UK cover because I feel it is more part of the story and the title. What do you think?)

4/5 (ending)



  1. hmm i might check this out forensics make me =) lol btw i have an award for you on my blog


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