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July 9, 2009

You've got Blackmail

Lozzie, 14, knows she is in big danger after she accidentally hit the Reply All button on an e-mail and sent the whole class a picture of the school bully, Tonya, with her head next to the back end of a horse. At home, Lozzie is dealing with her parents’ recent separation, and she worries that her teacher, Mr. Barnett, is hooking up with Mum. What is his dark secret? What happened to his wife? And who is blackmailing him about it? Is it someone at Mum’s beauty salon, where clients always spill secrets?

I did not like this book at all, when I first saw it, it sounded like it would be a good light read that I could breeze through but still really enjoy. I was wrong the blackmail scheme does not start until the middle of the book, also many of the things were disconnected. I thought it would be a better middle grade fiction, which in my opinion felt like it was written to. It was not a hard hitting mystery, it was just there and there were all these subplots that were unimportant.

Don't Waste your time.



  1. Hmmm Not even glancing at this one, and anyways the cover is not my fav so.

    Thanks for the review girl

  2. thanks for reviewing this book, i was going to buy it but now i'll save my money.

  3. hmm thanks for the review.. now i know what to avoid lol =)


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