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July 28, 2009

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

When his guardian dies in suspicious circumstances, Alex Rider goes from schoolboy to superspy within days as his world is turned upside down. Forcibly recruited into MI6, Alex must discover the truth about the Stormbreaker computer.

The first time I encountered this book was not through a book at all. I had seen the movie "Alex Rider Operation Stormbreaker" I really liked the move and thought nothing more if it. Then a couple of weeks ago I heard about this series and I was interested but when I started reading Stormbreaker I was surprised to feel like I had read this book before. After I had finished the book I remembered the movie.

Ok on to the book, I really like the idea of a teenage James Bond character and Alex really fits the bill. He was a likable character who really endeared himself to me through his sarcasm and just plain earnestness.

The problem I had with it was that the mission part for me only took up a minimal part of the book so I was kind of disappointed hopefully it will be better in the sequels. Overall a fun book!




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