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July 14, 2009

The Lab

In a polluted world reduced to a single walled island of nine billion people, teenage Agent Six of Hearts belongs to a secret organization called The Deck that battles the excesses of ChaoSonic, the corporation that controls everything. The product of a mysterious laboratory where bird, shark, and even plant genes were added to his DNA, Agent Six has superhuman abilities and considers himself a machine—until, that is, he meets a laughing, reckless fellow experiment with similar powers who prods him into accepting his humanity.

Overall this was an ok book, it was filled with action, adventure, and mystery. Agent Six is very focused and diligent but he does not do what he does for any reason except to get money which he only does so he can survive. I think he could have been a more likable character, and had some human tendencies even thought he did not think he was a human.

I could not really relate to him or feel a connection at all which bothered me, also his name bothered me because they would just say six and I would have to think if it was a number or if they were talking about the main character. Another thing was the author had such good opportunities to talk about the genetics and cool stuff like that but he did not even scrape the surface. But it had plenty of action and mystery to keep me reading. It was ok.

The cover looks like he blows stuff up all of the time, which is misleading.



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