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July 31, 2009

Evermore by Alyson Noel

Ever Bloom is the only survivor of an accident that kills her entire family. After the accident she has regular, in-person conversations with her dead little sister, develops intense psychic powers allowing her to read minds, and see auras. When a super sexy, rich, mysterious student named Damen shows up, Ever not only cannot see his aura, but she can't read anyone else's mind when they touch, either. Who is this guy, and why is Ever drawn to and scared of him at the same time?

I enjoyed this book it was well written and captivating. In the beginning it felt kind of like Twilight but by the middle it was totally different. There were twists I never would have imagined. Also the book leaves you interested for the next one.

The plot was well thought out and I enjoyed the comradeship between Ever and her sister. Evermore kept me guessing what would happen I could not wait to find out what the ending would be!

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  1. haha totally agree with what you said! i'm very curious to see what will happen in blue moon =)


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