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June 17, 2009

Being Nikki

Just when Emerson Watts is becoming used to her new life as supermodel Nikki Howard another bomb is dropped on her when Nikki's brother shows up because their mother is gone. While Nikki searches for clues to where Nikki's mother could be, she discovers secrets that she never expected, all while trying to get her former best friend to realize that Nikki is really Emerson.

This was a good book, it is the sequel to Airhead where Emerson Watt's brain is transferred to Nikki Howard's body. This book has very conflicting themes which is not unlike the main character. It really gets you thinking about how your life is influential to those around you. Also how your actions effect others. Over all it was interesting and a good read. Unfortunately you need to have read the 1st book to understand what it really going on.


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  1. I loved this book. I didn't read the first one because I didn't know there was a first book. I'm planning on reading the third book then going back to the first.


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