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June 29, 2009

Hot Lunch

Molly and Cassie are complete opposites but when they refuse to do an English project together a small disagreement escalates into so much more. As their punishment for the massive food fight they had they are forced to help out in the cafeteria! At first they cannot stand each other and try to foil each others plans. But when the Head Lunch Lady quits they are forced to take charge of the kitchen until they get 5 good ratings in a row. But even as they start getting along things are still falling apart, can they come together and get out of this mess?

This book was really funny and fun. Molly and Cassie are two lovable characters who keep self-foiling. Throughout the book they grow closer to each other and find out hidden talents that lie not just in themselves but in others as well. This book had a few different plot lines that helped me from getting bored with the storyline. Another great plus that comes with this book are 4 wonderful recipes from the book (the good ones) also the cover is really awesome!



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